Ideal Vogue Installation

Sheffield Plumbing Services awarded this project due to our ability to ensure a constant cold water supply pressure required for the combination boiler to be installed.

This job was sited in the peak district village of Hathersage where this property suffered a low main cold water pressure due to being supplied via a shared supply serving 4 x houses. This issue was solved by installing a 250l accumulator buffer tank that stores cold water pressure during the times of day where the water demand is low, giving the client a undisrupted supply of cold water required to run the combination boiler.

The combination boiler installed is the top of the range IDEAL Vogue 32 kW with manufactures 10 year warranty with the installation of the IDEAL System Filter, the boiler is sited in the cellar giving our client extra storage space in the airing cupboard due to the removal of the gravity fed cylinder and header tanks also the central heating boiler in the kitchen removed allowing a full redesign of the kitchen to be carried out.